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Blackjack is one of the best card gamesBlackjack is probably the most popular casino game in the world. The roots of the game can be traced back to the beginning of the 17th century. We will look deeper into blackjack’s history and theory later. First we will present you the online casinos that our research showed to be best for blackjack.

Now, lets see how the game had developed. The first known written reference to it comes from the ‘Don Quixote’s author’, Miguel de Cervantes. Who, by the way, was a gambler himself. Anyway, in his short tale ‘Rinconete y Cortadillo’ he mentioned a game called ‘Ventiuna’ (which means twenty one in Spanish). The game spread over Europe and the early colonists brought it to America where it received it’s present name. Nowadays online casino blackjack games are variations of the game that used to be played in New Orleans in the 19th century. The British blackjack (known as Pontoon) is slightly different than the classical one, but gives more options to the player.
The differences are as it follows:

  1. The player can’t ‘Stand’ as an action if the hand is 14 or less.
  2. The casino wins if there is a tie.
  3. There is no insurance in the game.
  4. If the player has Pontoon (or Blackjack, name it as you wish), the payout is 2 to 1.
  5. If the player has five cards in the hand (and don’t bust, of course) he/she is automatically winning, again the payout is 2 to 1.

Best Online Blackjack Betting Strategy

The greatest mistake you can make when playing blackjack in online casino is to ‘follow your intuition’. Blackjack is game of probabilities, you always should decide your actions over mathematical outcomes. It’s way more simple than it may sounds.

Best Live Online Blackjack

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All online casinos we have selected offer live blackjack games. Even though there is virtually no difference between live and computer simulated online casino blackjack, many players prefer to play against dealer who is real person. (To be completely honest we should say most of the live dealers are very, very attractive young females, which… well, attracts us) For one reason or another the fact is a lot of people consider the best online blackjack to be with a live dealer. The story behind live online blackjack casinos is simple, a web camera is set in front of the dealer, the player sees (and hears) everything that happens around the table. All is pretty much like being physically there, you can even chat with the dealers. Producing quality live online blackjack games requires resources and knowledge which not every casino has. We have examined all the major casinos on the internet and pick the top 3 in terms of live blackjack. Don’t be surprised that the list doesn’t differ much from the one we presented earlier on this page. Best casinos are providing best services in most of the games, this is the plain truth.

Key to Successful Money Management

No online blackjack betting strategy will bring you success if you don’t set bankroll rules for yourself. All professional players agree that making money from blackjack is impossible if you don’t manage your bank properly. Here are the five universal principles if you stick to, you will never get your affairs out of hand.

  1. Take the maximum out of your welcome bonus. Good online casinos offer generous welcome bonuses, as we all know. Consider the option to register with more than one in order to receive start-up money more than once.
  2. Subscribe for casino’s newsletters. Make sure you will get e-mails from the casinos you play at. Most of the information you will receive wouldn’t be very useful, but sooner or later you will find an offer that will allow you to add some extra cash to your bankroll.
  3. Don’t tip. Seriously, don’t. The euphoria of winning makes many of us to hit the tip button, but if you intend to make some money out of your blackjack gaming sharing your winning with the dealers won’t help you at all.
  4. 4. Don’t play at stakes you can not afford. A very common mistake is to raise the game limits because you are winning on the lower levels and you want to make bigger profit (or the opposite, you are losing and you raise the stakes in hope of covering the loses). No matter what your motives may be don’t obey the temptation to play at levels beyond your budget.
  5. Save up. People get lavish when things are going well. Don’t blow your winnings away if you want to be successful on the long run. Sometimes a not very pleasant swings occur, so be prepared. If you are not, your blackjack odyssey may end up very quickly.

We hope you will find this advice useful. We wish you best of luck!