Where to play online casino roulette?

Play online roulette more safely nowYou don’t need to be a casino expert to know almost everything about Roulette. It’s the most popular table casino game and you’ve probably already played at least once. Roulette games enjoy such fame, thanks to their own charismatic presence and the unlimited betting options. The iconic wheel with 36 black and red sectors (plus a green one for the zero) can be found at virtually any Internet or land-based casino. There are plenty of options, it will surely cost you some time and nerves to test them all. Anyway, we saved you that trouble and present you the best sites for online casino roulette in the UK.

We’ve summarized our selection in a simple chart, but there is a lot of effort behind it. Our team invested many hours in active research. We are happy to present you our selection, starting with the most important characteristics of a top Roulette casino in our opinion.

Best Online Roulette casinos

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The list of online operators that offer Roulette games is practically endless. Still, anything but the best won’t be good enough for you. Therefore, you need to bare in mind the most essential criteria when choosing your casino. Online Roulette has numerous variations and it will be good for you to have the chance to try them all. We will explain the most famous types later on. There is one game, though, that stands out with its uniqueness. Absolutely every serious candidate for our Top 3 supported Live Roulette. As you may have thought, those games are hosted by young and smiling Live Dealers, who spin a real wheel to determine the winning number while you bet.

Beside games variety, their flawless quality is another attribute that is more than necessary. Mobile accessibility and instant play option are also important and will make your online casino roulette experience way more enjoyable. Betfair casino is our unrivalled number one choice. The casino software they use is simply unmatched. You may access the mobile version of the casino anywhere at any time. All you need is stable internet connection and a mobile device.

Of course, the best online roulette games can be found at more than just one casino. The other two remaining spots are occupied by casinos, which are not that far behind our Top operator. In terms of design and overall visual appearance, 888 casino is unsurpassed by anyone. When talking about mobile casinos, Eurogrand is the one that stands out. It’s not a big deal, but on their app you can play more than one Roulette game, which gives this operator a slight edge. Truth is, all three sites give you almost perfect Roulette gaming options. For more details about those casinos, you may want to check out our featured reviews.

Roulette variations

The first form of roulette originally appeared in 18th century France. Soon after, the game has gained huge popularity in Europe and even crossed the Atlantic. Unsurprisingly, various game types started to spring rapidly. Instead of wheel, nowadays online casinos use a random number generator and put into practice all Roulette variations. We’ve had a closer look at the most popular of them.

European Roulette is the most favoured version of the game. It has 37 sectors, which means only one zero is on the wheel. The relatively low house edge (2.63%) seems to be enough for players to choose that version over other roulette games.

American Roulette doesn’t differ much from the European. The only alteration is the presence of the double zero sector. Sadly, any mathematician will tell you that it doubles the profit of the casino. However, Yankees don’t appear to be concerned at all with that, playing the game massively in Atlantic City, Las Vegas and other casino resorts.

We’ve already mentioned the French roots of all roulette games. As you may have thought, there is a special option, named after the country of origin. You will be privileged to know a not-so-popular fact. French Roulette is the most profitable game of its kind, with a casino edge of just over 1%. Punters get half of the value of all their bets, which lose on 0.

Once you start browsing an online casino, you will notice that there are even more gaming options to choose from. You can find 3D variations, tables with both high and low limits and a Mini roulette with just 13 numbers in total, including the zero.

Roulette strategies and How to Win?

It’s kind of hard to tell if Roulette is a game of luck or skill. Perhaps it’s 50:50. Regardless of which version you fancy the most, you have to know the rules of the game you play and follow a reliable strategy. We will explain the general principles of the game and help you obtain proper playing habits.

Casino players place their bets prior the spin of the wheel. They can go for the long shot with any of the 37 numbers on the board. Their payout would be immense, but some of the other betting options seem more logical. The casino will pay you 1:1 if you guess the colour of the next number or whether it will be even or odd, ‘small’ or ‘big’. All remaining types of bets will pay you winnings at 2 to 1 odds.

In order to optimize your winnings, you have to know how to mix up your bets. Yes, it is impossible to predict where the ball will end after the spin. Still, your online casino roulette adventure may turn into a really enjoyable experience if you follow our simple advices.

Choose your casino wisely
Do not even think of siding with an operator of dubious stature, no matter how alluring its bonus is. Choose one of our featured casinos and test the games in practice mode first. Our partners are regulated by strict authorities and your personal details will be protected by encrypting systems of the highest level.

Manage your money carefully
Always place only reasonable bets. We all want to be paid 35:1 every other spin, but in roulette safety is always better. Set your own limits and never bet more than you can afford to lose. Do not go on tilt and never lose your temper. Believe us, it’s for the best.

Try some tested Roulette strategy
Some of you may be familiar with the Martingale strategy. The idea is simple. Always go for black or red and after every losing bet, double your stake. You will claim a profit every time you guess right.