Which Live online casino is the best in the UK?

Try out the real atmosphere with live dealer casinosPeople around the world have been playing casino games in various forms for centuries. You can enjoy the games in the traditional brick-and-mortar clubs, on a cruise ship, and of course online. Each alternative has its own pros and cons, but they all have the approval of gamblers worldwide. In recent years, players were given the opportunity to play Live casino online. This exciting new feature is a fusion between land-based and internet casinos. It combines the convenience of playing online with standard casino’s biggest charm. Young, attractive and smiling girls shuffle the cards, deal them and spin the wheel to determine the outcome of your favourite online games. How cool is that? We have cautiously examined the most reputable online casinos in the UK. Every bit of effort was worth it, though, as we picked out the very best options to play live casino games on the internet.

Top 3 Live casinos compared

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You should not be surprised that each of our picks sounds familiar to you. It is logical that the most popular casino brands in the country offer the best live gaming options. You will notice that the live casino services of our featured operators are a bit similar. It is quite natural, simply because of the strict criteria that we have applied. None of them can really afford any kind of flaws. In order to make your decision easier, we have a closer look at each of our picks.

If you are looking for live online casino operator, then Betfair is the first option that you have to consider. The London-based company rightfully earned its groundbreaking reputation over the years. Beside the wide range of casino games available, there you will be able to find Live versions of Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and Casino Hold Em. One of the many special Betfair features is the Multi game mode. With it you are able to play up to 3 different games in a single window. New customers are awarded with 10 free spins for the live games.

You probably already know that 888′s gambling products are not ordinary. Their Live casino makes no exception. It is powered by the unique software and offer the biggest selection of Roulette and Blackjack gaming options. If you are into football, tennis or any other sport, you should definitely try the Sports Roulette variation. The dealers there also are fans and keep you entertained by discussing the latest sporting events. I know it sounds quirky, but it’s really fun. Each Saturday you may claim 20% bonus up to £100 to play with live dealers.

Bet365 are famous for their magnificent live service practices. Take their sports in-play console for example. You will gladly notice that the operator successfully uses its experience and know-how, in order to provide live games of outstanding quality. Their casino software is user-friendly and runs smoothly in browser mode, too. Mobile users also are granted access to the live casino, regardless of their operation system. Unfortunately, there are no special promotions for Live casino players at Bet365. Still, all available bonus offers can be redeemed at the live tables.

Live dealers Involvement and Game details

Indeed, a dealer’s job is not only to spin the wheel or deal the cards. Any player that enters a Live casino room is graciously welcomed by the host. Each dealer is well-mannered and has a positive attitude towards players. The beginning and the end of every round is announced and the winners are congratulated. As already stated, the dealers are involved on more than just one level. Along with running the games, they will answer any question that is asked to them by users via the chat box.

Speaking of the games, you should be aware that they are available only in Real-money mode. The rules for each live version are same as those for the usual. Of course, there are some common special features, but we will come back to them later. First, we will briefly present you the most popular gaming options that you can play live.

Blackjack and Roulette are the most favoured card and table casino games in general. Logically, their variations can be found at any live casino. We all are familiar with the nature of these games. The procedure of placing your bets is intuitive and easy. After that all you can do is hope that the dealer is your lucky charm. Other than these two options, the most featured live games are Casino Hold Em and Baccarat. At the last one, you can go for one of three type of bets: Player win, Banker win or a tie. It’s purely a game of luck. In contrast, Casino Hold Em gives you a decision to make. After the flop, you can either fold and lose your Ante bet, or make a call in case you like your hand. You can also place a side bet, the payout for which will depend on the strength of the hand (Texas Hold’Em rules).

Special Features and Colnlusion

As you may have thought, some alterations are inevitable in order for online casinos to work properly. Those changes are needed mostly because of the live broadcasting. You are always one click away from changing the camera perspective, which is very useful for live roulette games. All top casinos provide high-quality video stream, no matter which window mode you play in.

Live casino card games also have some notable characteristics. First of all, the cards used are slightly bigger, just because live casino players need to see them clearly. Secondly, entirely for technical reasons, all cards are being slid over an optical character recognition technology as they are dealt. You may notice that sometimes the dealer has to repeat the move, but the overall security and fairness is totally unquestioned.

Other than that, the live casino games do not differ from the ordinary ones. They are tested and protected by the best companies in the world, redeem a bonus when playing and find them on your mobile. All that matters really is your personal fondness for trying an unique casino experience of the highest level.